Focus on Qatar

Only 6 hours flight from Rome, a land where every traveler feels at home.
A magical place that will host the next soccer world cup: Qatar 2022

A tour of northern Qatar

This exotic location is not far from the very modern Doha. It is where one can discover fortresses, ancient towers and archaeological sites where echoes of the fascinating and turbulent history of Qatar resound.

Qatar 2022, the cities that will host the World Cup

A small state is set to host the World Cup Championship. Its capital - Doha -  is redoing its look for the occasion:  new construction sites, stadiums under construction, the implementation of a new metro, and luxury hotels that are ready to welcome milli

Qatar, between the sea and desert

The crystal clear sea and the desert with its sand dunes: closeby spectacular panorama's: only a stone's throw away from Doha. There are attractions for tourists who desire a recreational and exciting safari at the same time. 

Qatar - the country that has two faces

It is a state in rapid evolution that strives decisively towards the future and which is deeply attached to traditions. It is a little bigger than Abruzzo and is about a 6 hour flight from Rome.  In 2022 it will host the World Cup!