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Religious building

Basilica di S. Ippolito e annesso Antiquarium

via Col Moschin, Fiumicino, (Roma)

The Basilica of S.Ippolito was brought to light in the early 70s of last century, at the canal in Fiumicino (ancient Traiana Pit), in Holy Island. Built between the late fourth and early fifth century, is the most important early Christian Basilica of suburbia portuense. It stands on a thermal building of Roman age which remains environments and in particular some water tanks. The three-aisled basilica with an apse, traces of the episcopal chair and baptistery built at a later stage. It was used during the Middle Ages and was abandoned, probably, in the fifteenth century following the depopulation of the diocese. Inside the basilica were found remains of inscriptions and sculptural remains of merit that are preserved in near Antiquarium, where stands for importance, the Carolingian ciborium built during the reign of Leo III (795-816).

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