Primavera dei Teatri - Festival sui nuovi linguaggi della scena contemporanea

Contrada Calandrino, 14C, Castrovillari, (Cosenza) 10/05/17
From saturday 30 may 20 to thursday 04 jun 20

Conceived and directed by Scena Verticale, Primavera dei Teatri, festival on the new languages ​​of the contemporary scene, testifies to the desire of a small and suggestive center of one of the most disadvantaged regions of the national territory to become a privileged place for the national cultural debate.

A unique appointment in the south of Italy, the Festival opens to young spectators, reflects on contemporary society, records ideas and aesthetic questions, focuses on young artists even if they are risking a lot.

The Festival is spread over several historical places in the city of Castrovillari. During the Festival it is also possible to take guided excursions in the Pollino National Park, which boasts breathtaking landscapes of one of the most beautiful canyons in Italy.

The dates of the event could be different. Check the official website.

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