Archaeological Area

Parco Archeologico Vallata del San Pasquale Archeoderi

Scido, (Reggio Calabria)

Opened in 2010, the Park is located in Bova Marina, around the synagogue discovered in the eighties in the district from which it takes its name "Deri". It is in an...

Archaeological Area

Foro Romano e Palatino

Via di San Gregorio 30 e Largo della Salara Vecchia 5/6, Roma

Before becoming the political, administrative and religious centre of Rome, the Forum was an inhospitable marshland.From the late 7th century CE, after the area was...

Archaeological Area

Area archeologica Montetorto di Osimo

Località Montetorto, Osimo, (Ancona)

Archaeological Area

Necropoli del Poggino

Località Fonterutoli, Castellina in Chianti, (Siena)

Archaeological Area

Grotta Guattari

Via Alcide De Gasperi, 1, Roma

Archaeological Area

Parco Archeologico Timpone Motta e Antiquarium

Via Mazzini, 41, Francavilla Marittima, (Cosenza)

The site includes two main archaeological areas: Timpone della Motta, located 280 meters above sea level and the area Macchiabate, along the Raganello river. At...

Archaeological Area

Parco Archeologico dei Tauriani "Antonio De Salvo"

Località Taurean, a, Palmi, (Reggio Calabria)

Archaeological Area

Santa Reparata

Piazza del Duomo, 5, Firenze

Between 1965 and 1973 a series of excavations carried out under Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore has brought to light the remains of ancient Basilica of Santa...

Archaeological Area

Area Archeologica di Broglio

Parco archeologico di Broglio, Trebisacce, (Cosenza)

The archaeological site of Broglio of Trebisacce is a Proto-historic village inhabited for about 1000 years by the Enotri people, according to ancient sources, the...

Archaeological Area

Anfiteatro Fausto

Via Fausto Anfiteatro, Terni

Fausto Amphitheatre is the main archaeological monument from the Roman period of the city of Terni. Undergone a number of recovery, it is now used as a venue for...