Historical building

Trullo Sovrano

Piazza Sacramento, 11/10, Alberobello, (Bari)

Trullo Sovereign is the largest of Alberobello's trulli. Built by Perta family in the mid-eighteenth century, this two-story building is used as a Museum and it...


Museo del territorio ''Casa Pezzolla''

Piazza XXVII Maggio, Alberobello, (Bari)

The Museum of the region “Casa Pezzolla’’’ is named after Dr. James Pezzolla, who lived in the second half of the 700’s was the personal physician of the...


Museo del Vino di Alberobello

Via Due Macelli, 8, Alberobello, (Bari)

The Museum is located in the spaces of the ancient “Cantina Albea” on the upper floor, it is an interesting example of an integral part of industrial architecture...


Museo dell'Olio d'Oliva di Fasano

Contrada S. Angelo, 5, Alberobello, (Bari)

The manor farm, known as the "Abbey of San Lorenzo", dates back to the twelfth century and originates from the rock installation of Lama of San Lorenzo. On the left...

Point of interest

Trulli di Alberobello (Sito UNESCO)

Via Monte Sabotino, 94, Alberobello, (Bari)

Trulli of Alberobello, fall since 1996 among UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Trulli characterize the entire landscape of Valle d'Itria and Murgia Valley. The first...