Religious building

Basilica dei Santi Pietro e Paolo

Piazza Duomo, 41, Acireale, (Catania)

The Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul was completed in 1675. Severely damaged by the earthquake of 1693, it was completely restored and enlarged (white stone facade...

Religious building

Cattedrale di Maria Santissima Annunziata

Piazza Duomo, 22, Acireale, (Catania)

The Cathedral of Acireale, dedicated to Maria Santissima Annunziata, is the place of the cult of St. Venera, the patron Saint of the city, which houses the relics....



VIA MARCHESE DI S.GIULIANO, 17, Acireale, (Catania)

Based in Neoclassical building designed by Mariano Panebianco, it is the oldest Sicily academy, founded under the name of "Zelantea" in 1671. In 1834 it was united...

Historical building

Palazzo Municipale

Piazza del Duomo, 6-7, Acireale, (Catania)

The Town Hall (or Loggia Giuratoria) is located in Duomo Square, and is home of the City. Its construction began in 1659, and it was reconstructed after the...

Religious building

Basilica Collegiata di San Sebastiano

Via Vittorio Emanuele II, 223, Acireale, (Catania)

The Collegiate Church of St. Sebastian is the most important building of Acireale, declared "National Monument". Built between 1609 and 1644, the Basilica was...


Raccolta Teatro Pennisi DI PUPI SICILIANI

VIA GALATEA, 5, Acireale, (Catania)

The Puppet's Opera Theater was founded in 1887 by Don Mariano Pennisi who, in the representation, followed a very personal taste, introducing techniques and puppets...