Museo dell'Abbazia di San Salvatore

del Monastero, 42, Abbadia San Salvatore (Siena)

The Museum was created following the organization of an exhibition on the St. Mark Pope's chasuble. It preserves and exhibits some liturgical furnishings from the...

Palazzo del Podestà

Viale Roma, 2, Abbadia San Salvatore (Siena)

Worthy of note, in Medieval town, Palazzo del Podesta, built in fifteenth century and characteristic of almost all amiatin villages.

Parco museo minerario di Abbadia San Salvatore e Galleria livello VII

Renato Rossaro, 6, Abbadia San Salvatore (Siena)

The Museum documents the history of mining in Abbadia San Salvatore, where it was one of the most important deposits of mercury in the world. The story of the mine...

Abbazia di San Salvatore

Via del Monastero, 28, Abbadia San Salvatore (Siena)

Abbey is sacred building which gives its name to the city. Tradition has it that Benedictine complex, as evidenced by 762, was founded by Lombard Duke Ratchis....

Abbadia San Salvatore

Medieval village in Mount Amiata, named after Benedictine abbey, founded in 743 by Longobard king Rachis, of which today only the Church and the Crypt remain. Abbey...


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