Castel Wolkenstein (Burg Wolkenstein)

Castel Wolkenstein, Selva di Val Gardena (Bolzano/Bozen)

Castle was built in the XIII century, on a dolomite rock crevasse enclosed with walls. The first trace in this regard of the castle's property dates back to 1237, and...

Castel Gardena (Fischburg)

La Selvastrasse, Selva di Val Gardena (Bolzano/Bozen)

The name "Fischburg" means "Castle of fishing" and derives from the many lakes that the owner had to dig to raise trout. Built in 1641 by Counts of Wolkenstein, with...

Selva di Val Gardena

Renowned summer and winter holiday resort, it is part of "Sellaronda" dolomite ski area. From Selva Ferrata Sandro Pertini departed, open until 2014, which crossed...


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