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Where Recanati (Macerata)

Recanati rises on the top of the hill, sung by his most illustrious son, Giacomo Leopardi. A visit to the city can not therefore be ignored by "Leopardian Places": the poet's home, Leopardi Palace, with a charming library that holds over 20.000 volumes, including incunabula and ancient volumes; Piazzetta Sabato del Villaggio, on which the same palace Silvia's home and Church of Santa Maria in Montemorello (16th century), in which the baptismal font Leopardi was baptized in 1798; Colle dell'Infinito is the summit of Tabor Mount, overlooking a vast panorama of the mountains and inspired by the poet's poem composed at 21 years old, inside the park is also World Center for Poetry and Culture; Antici-Mattei Palace, mother of Leopardi's home; Tower of Solitary Sparrow, in the courtyard of Cloister of St. Augustine. In addition to the literary itinerary, you can visit also archaeological site of Fontenoce and Villa Colloredo Mels Civic Museum. 

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