Museo di Civiltà Contadina Arti e Mestieri

Via delle Cartiere, 55, Amalfi, (Salerno)

The Museum consists of a historical collection, made almost thirty years of research and acquisition of objects, paintings, photos and memorabilia that evoke all the...


Museo Civico di Amalfi

PIAZZA MUNICIPIO, 6, Amalfi, (Salerno)


Museo della Carta

VIA DELLE CARTIERE, 23, Amalfi, (Salerno)

Religious building

Cattedrale di Sant'Andrea (Duomo di Amalfi)

Via Duca Mansone I, Amalfi, (Salerno)

Cathedral was built by Duke Mansone I from the year 987. The current facade was built in the nineteenth century by Errico Alvino and presents a Neo-Moorish style,...