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Museo naturalistico archeologico di Vicenza


The Museum houses the natural and archaeological collections. Originally in the Palazzo Chiericati, these were transferred to the architectural complex consisting of two cloisters next to the church of S. Corona in 1991.
It is organized into two complementary sections. The natural history section presents the local situation, particularly the environmental peculiarities of the Colli Berici, focusing on geology, flora and fauna of the most characteristic areas.
The archaeological section documents man's presence in the Vicenza area from the Palaeolithic to the Longobard period. The finds from the Neolithic and Bronze Ages in the Valli di Fimon, the bronze votive plaques (5th to 1st centuries BC) found in the heart of the city, the decorative elements from the Teatro di Berga (1st century AD) and the collection of ancient statuary donated by Girolamo Egidio di Velo are particularly noteworthy.

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