Luogo - Castle

Castello Doria (Castello di Vernazza)

Where Via Visconti, 12-13, Vernazza (La Spezia)

Doria Castle is a defensive building located on the rocky ridge south of Vernazza, in Cinque Terre. The first news of a castle in Vernazza dates back to the XIII century, but it is believed that the first nucleus dates back to the XI century, then built during the domination of Obertenghi. Castle has an irregular shape, which follows the spur of rock on which it is built. The current appearance is the result of centuries of additions and alterations. According to a document of 1470, inside there was a chapel dedicated to St. John the Baptist and a bronze cannon, then taken by British soldiers and now visible at  British Museum in London. Doria Castle is now used as a museum and exhibition site.

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