Point of interest

Piazza Scandaliato

Piazza A. Scandaliato, Sciacca, (Agrigento)

Scandaliato Square (first People's Square) is the oldest square in Sciacca. Prior to the '900 was a small pedestrian island, opposite the Church of St. Dominic and...

Religious building

Duomo di Maria S.S. del Soccorso (Duomo di Sciacca)

Piazza Duomo, Sciacca, (Agrigento)

The Cathedral of the Madonna S.S. of the Aid dates from the twelfth century. Founded by Juliet the Norman, daughter of Count Roger, was rebuilt in 1656 to a design by...


Castello Incantato "Filippo Bentivegna"

Via Filippo Bentivegna, 16, Sciacca, (Agrigento)

The Enchanted Castle is the place where the sculptor Filippo Bentivegna (Sciacca, 1888-967), with no particular artistic training, began to realize thousands of...


Museo del Carnevale

Via S. Allende, Sciacca, (Agrigento)

The Carnival Museum opens to the public in 2010, with a permanent exhibition on the Carnival of Sciacca, recently updated with a "3D" section. Inside the Museum it...