Milazzo, (Messina)

Milazzo is located between two gulfs, the one of the same name and that of Patti, to the west. The city was at the center of history during the First Punic War (260 BC) and in July 1860, with the arrival of Red Shirts in the great Battle of Milazzo. There are numerous testimonies and symbols of the thousand-year history of the city, from Castle with its fortifications, to Old Village and to Marine Reserve of Capo Milazzo Promontory. A tourist destination and an excellent starting point for Aeolian Islands, Nebrodi Park and Tindari, Milazzo is a pleasant tourist center. To visit: Old Cathedral, inside fortified city, a 1608 building designed by Camillo Camilliani; New Cathedral (1937), designed by the architect Francesco Valenti, and the churches that are located along Borgo Antico (Spanish City), in addition to maritime area of ​​Vaccarella and along the streets of the center. Of notable interest are Town Hall, Palazzo D'Amico, seat of  Municipal Library and Historical Archive. Among the monuments, mythical and ancient Fonte del Mela, in front of Church of Carmine, Ponte di Milazzo, built to commemorate famous battle of 1860, and large floor mosaic depicting municipal coat of arms, located in the atrium of Church of Carmine. Archaeological Antiquarium "Domenico Ryolo" houses the museum inside a former Bourbon female prison built in 1816. Among various exhibits stand out small boats and clay rowers of the second half of the third century BC, unique pieces used for the transport of souls, along with funerary goods. Museo della Tonnara e del Mare, on the other hand, contains photographs, texts, objects and equipment related to fishing and processing of fish.

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