Conzano, (Alessandria)
The Commune of Conzano (Italian: Comune di Conzano; Piemontese: Consan) is a municipality lying to the south of Casale Monferrato in the north-west Italian Province of Alessandria. Its neighbouring communes, in addition to Casale are Camagna Monferrato, Lu, and Occimiano.The municipal territory extends over a predominantly rural area of 11.62 square kilometres (4.49 sq mi); its population of about 1,000 is concentrated in two centres: the small hill town of Conzano, the capoluogo of the commune and site of the town hall, and the village of San Maurizio. The latter’s formal status as a frazione, with an identity historically distinct from that of Conzano, is recognised in the Statuto Comunale.ConzanoConzano, the principal centre of the commune and its capoluogo, stands on a hill (262 m) which rises on the north-western side of the valley of the Grana torrent. The parish church of Santa Lucia is here[1] and the Villa Vidua[2], the country seat of the Vidua family who were Counts of Conzano. The villa, which is open to the public, is particularly known for its interior decorations in the “Chinese” manner.San MaurizioSan Maurizio is a small village on the right side of the Rotaldo and some 7 kilometres (4 mi) north of Conzano. It is the location of an Abbey of San Maurizio.[3]Twin town Ingham, a town with some 4,700 inhabitants in the Australian state of Queensland, has been twinned with Conzano since 1993.Population trendsReferencesExternal

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