Museo scuola Odin-Bertot

PIAZZA ROMA, 7, Angrogna (Torino)

The small room retains the characteristic appearance that took until the beginning of '900: low ceiling, floor worn, the walls lime, the classroom, the big stove...

Museo Scuola Beckwith di Angrogna

Frazione Odin, Angrogna (Torino)

Typical attitude of the Waldensian denominational Schools, which pushed in the eight hundred the activities of the English Colonel Charles Beckwith, preserves and...

Museo del lavoro femminile in ambito contadino - Museo delle donne valdesi

Frazione Serre, Angrogna (Torino)

Typical costumes, tools, information about the status of women in traditional society. The visit is easy to match with that of the nearby Museum School of Odin Bertot.

Casa museo - Coulege dei Barba

Località Pra del Torno, Angrogna (Torino)

In the Museum, located in a fifteenth century building, it was rebuilt a traditional scola of the sixteenth century, where the Waldensian itinerant preachers, called...


Angrogna is a comune (municipality) in the Province of Turin in the Italian region Piedmont, located about 45 kilometres (28 mi) southwest of Turin. Angrogna borders...


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