Associazione culturale artistica museo del ferro onlus

Via Guasco, 142; ingresso da via Sant'Ubaldo, Alessandria

Temporary exhibitions and small fund of documents and materials of various nature, connected to the activity of the Association promoted by the sculptor Francesco...

Museo Civico Palazzo Cuttica

Palazzo Cuttica, Sala Nobile, Alessandria

Marengo Museum

Via Giovanni Delavo / Via Barbotta - Fraz. Spinetta Marengo, Alessandria

The Marengo Museum aims to tell the story of the Italian Campaign of 1800 and the Marengo Battle, analyzing the causes, consequences and developments, in the belief...

Teatro delle scienze - Museo di scienze naturali e laboratorio di astronomia

Via Milleottocentoventuno, 11, Alessandria

Learning Center connected to the activity of local researchers in the fields of astronomy (planetarium) and surveys on the environment (ornithology, insects,...

Sale d'arte

VIA MACCHIAVELLI, 13, Alessandria

The Municipal Art Hall, opened to the public in the restored rooms, offers some of the most important works of art and objects from the collections of the Museum and...

Museo etnografico "C'era una volta" di Alessandria

Piazza della Gambarina, 1, Alessandria

Has a collection of objects from the Casa del Lavoro dating back to the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Antiquarium Forum Fulvi

c/o Villa del Foro, Via Oviglio, Alessandria

Educational exhibition on the findings in the area of the Roman town of Forum Fulvi, antecedent of the city of Alexandria, and the activities of the Sperimental...

Borsalino Museum

Corso Cento Cannoni, Alessandria

Sample room, museum and historical Borsalino Spa, a leader in Italy for the production of felt hats.


Alessandria listen (Lissandria in Piedmontese) is a city and comune in Piedmont, Italy, and the capital of the Province of Alessandria. The city is sited on the...


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