Luogo - Theatre

Teatro Olimpico (Sito UNESCO)


Its building started in 1580 as the final project by Palladio and finished by his pupil Vincenzo Scamozzi, is the first example of covered theater of modern building. It was completed posthumously limited to complete and lodge the auditorium to the stage. Scamozzi designed wooden scenes, impressive for their perspective illusionism and attention to detail, which can still be admired. It was inaugurated on March 3, 1585 with a performance by Sophocles, Oedipus the King, and is still used. The scenes, especially made for that representation, depicting the seven streets of the city of Thebes and exploit the technique of accelerated perspective to bring up the space much longer than it actually is (a few meters). Theater, with the great wall of the proscenium, the many statues and decorations, was made of wood and stucco and was built on commission Olympic Academy in a Medieval fortress in disuse (Palace of Territory, formerly used as a prison and as a powder).

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