Luogo - Religious building

Santuario della Madonna di Monte Berico

Where Viale X Giugno, 23, Vicenza

Located on the hill overlooking the city, it is the result of integration of two churches: the first XV century in Gothic style, the second, basilica in Baroque style. The construction of the first church, according to tradition, connected to two apparitions of Madonna, respectively in 1426 and in 1428, years ravaged by a severe plague. The carvings on the facade are work by Orazio Marinali and workshop, Francesco Cabianca and Giacomo Cassetti. They represent saints and allegories of virtue. The small Gothic cloister, built in 1429, has pointed arches decorated with terracotta frames on stone columns. It leads to ancient refectory of the monks, which contains some works of art, including Supper of St. Gregory the Great by Paolo Veronese (1572). In many other works, including Virgin with the four evangelists and Baptism of Christ, both by Alessandro Maganza. Pietà by Bartolomeo Montagna (early sixteenth century) is an example of "vesperbild": the blade is inserted into a complex decorated in naturalistic style and ends with a bezel which is inserted a shell. Before the high altar is placed the work by Venetian painter (XVII century). The choir is derived from the apse of Gothic church. Stalls fifteenth have beautiful inlays with glimpses of old Vicenza.

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