Luogo - Religious building

Cattedrale di Santa Maria Annunciata (Duomo di Vicenza)

Where Piazzetta Duomo, Vicenza

By Early Christian origins, Cathedral was rebuilt several times. The dome was designed by Andrea Palladio, as well as probably the lateral north portal and Almerico Chapel. Current appearance of Cathedral dates back to the mid-fifteenth century. Gothic facade by Domenico from Venice (XVI century), in facing dichromium, is divided into four sectors, with five statues and two spiers added in 1948. The bell tower little appears detached from the church. The interior is in Gothic style, with a single nave on which there are various side chapels. The nave corresponds the apse, whose presbytery offers modern liturgical furnishings. The apse wall, centering the main altar is decorated by precious Paramento Civran, consist of several canvases placed in a frame stucco topped by angels. The left canvases depicting Old Testament scenes, while the right concern Constantine and True Cross. Into vast underground of Cathedral are the remains of Roman road and considerable parts of the basilicas of the eighth and eleventh centuries.

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