Luogo - Theatre

Teatro La Fenice

Where Calle Fenice, Venezia

Main Opera House in Venice, twice destroyed and rebuilt, was the site of important opera seasons, symphony and International Festival of Contemporary Music. In nineteenth century it was home to world premieres by Rossini, Bellini, Donizetti and Verdi; in twentieth century it has hosted the world premieres by Igor Stravinsky, Benjamin Britten, Prokofiev and many other composers of international renown. The construction of Theater began in 1790 under the supervision of Antonio Solari. In 1825 it is necessary a radical restoration and be in charge of the work is Giuseppe Borsato, official designer. In 1836 a fire caused by the malfunction of a stove, destroyed the Hall and saving the atrium and the Apollonian Halls. In 1996 a second devastating arson destroyed entire building, which will be rebuilt by architect Aldo Rossi. The avant-corps, whose main facade is on Campo St. Fantin and contains the entrance hall and the foyer, from which we reach Apollonian Halls through the main staircase, has been restored in a conservative party and a residual accurate reconstruction of remaining ones, with the use of traditional materials and techniques. The Hall is characterized by an accurate reconstruction based on the principle "as it was, where it was", and still subject to all five tiers of boxes and the same decorative paper mache and wood, based on a meticulous photographic research. Scenic Tower was built from scratch.

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