Religious building

Chiesa di San Giorgio dei Greci

Calle Querini, 3690, Venezia

St.George of the Greeks's Church is located in the Castle district. Used as Orthodox Cathedral Archdiocese of Italy, it belongs in reality Hellenic Institute. The building, in late-Renaissance style, began in 1536 on designe by Sante Lombardo. The work was completed in 1561, under the guidance of Giannantonio Chiona. The exterior was completed in 1571 with the construction of the dome. The inside has a structure with a single nave and is covered with frescoes by Giovanni di Cipro, with wooden choir of two orders (XVI century), and a pulpit by Giovanni Grapiglia (1597). The iconostasis is characterized by marble decorations and paintings depicting various Saints, by Michele Damasceno, a Byzantine Christ Pantocrator, dating from the late fourteenth century, and a series of paintings of the Greek school of the eighteenth century. Even in hieron is a fresco by Michele Damasceno, "Apostles Saints and Greeks people". On the walls of the chapel that houses the Altar of Preparation is an icon of the Virgin with silver shirt, brought to Venice from Constantinople after the fall of the Roman Empire (1453). The work dates from the thirteenth-fourteenth century and is the oldest icon in the Church. Complete the furnishings, a lectern 1663 tortoiseshell and mother of pearl and four bronze candelabra of the early seventeenth century.