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Pinacoteca e museo dell’isola di San Lazzaro degli Armeni

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The museum contains most of historical artifacts from around the convent .

Here you can see some of the artifacts donated or acquired over the centuries by the Armenian Congregation , archaeological finds from all over the world, such as some ushapti ( Egyptian statuettes of apotropaic value ) , ancient pottery , ceramics and oriental art objects as ball of Canton, one piece of ivory in which they were obtained 14 concentric spheres , as well as some sculptures, including a cast of Canova depicting the son of Napoleon Bonaparte.

The gallery houses many works of painters such as Hovhannes Armenian Aivazovski (1817-1900) and Harutiun Ajemian ( 1904-1965 ) .

On the ceiling you can admire the magnificent painting by Tiepolo depicting an allegory of Justice.

In the room dedicated to art and Armenian history are preserved some important finds of bronze , numerous ceramics , silverware largely for liturgical use and other relics and objects of historical interest in the civilization of Urartu , an ancient Armenian population .

In a small room of the museum houses the Egyptian mummy Nemen Khet Amen , dating from the seventh century and considered one of the best preserved in the world , complete with sarcophagus.

in the same room is a princely throne exposed Indian teak wood decorated with ivory inlays. 

Through a small passage leads to the true "treasure " of the island : the library of the monastery of San Lazzaro degli Armeni , built in 1740 by Mechitar and now considered the most significant collection of Armenian manuscripts preserved in the West.

The library of the Armenian Congregation Mekhitarist , consisting of about 4000 manuscripts ranging from the sixth to the eighteenth century , most of which are of Armenian origin , is in fact the result of an ancient collection of texts and acquisition of collections.

Among the texts preserved, as well as the most extensive collection of periodicals and newspapers Armenians there , we recommend the collection of texts on archeology, donated by the Egyptian Minister of Artin Cerakian the early twentieth century , including two original editions of the Description de l' Égypte , work monument that marks the birth of modern archeology promoted by Napoleon during his Egyptian campaign .

Inside the monastery there are also other objects and works of art such as ceramics, silver and paintings of Armenian artists.

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