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Museo di Palazzo Grimani

Where Ramo Grimani, Castello 4858, Venezia

The Grimani palace was restored and modified by a primitive medieval core in the course of the sixteenth century, under the direction of vector and Giovanni Grimani, who, between 1537 and 1540 entrusted the decoration of some rooms on the first floor of Giovanni da Udine and Francesco Salviati, members of the current modern mannerism. After the death of his brother Carrier, was the sole owner, John built the two wings at the closing of the square courtyard, by placing the oval stair and the extraordinary room with coffered lantern. In these environments, the palace did perform an important new cycle of decorations by, among others, by Camillo Mantua and the young Federico Zuccari, to provide a worthy setting for the highly renowned collection of statues, medals, busts, books and paintings.

Palazzo Grimani, particolari lunetta apollo 3 c