Luogo - Museum

Museo archeologico nazionale di Venezia

Where Piazzetta S. Marco, Venezia

Museum is home to an important collection of ancient sculptures , including some major original Greek bronzes , ceramics , gems and coins , as well as the archaeological collection in store from the Correr Museum , which includes Egyptian and Assyrian-Babylonian . The historic core of the museum is represented by the Public Statuary of the Serenissima made ​​in 1596 in the preparation of Federico Contarini nell'Antisala of the Marciana Library , and consists of antique collections derived from the legacy of Domenico Grimani and the donation of John Grimani.Nel course Statuary of the following centuries it was enriched by further donations . In the twenties of the twentieth century collections were arranged on the first floor of the New Magistrates , which is still home to the Museum , and then expanded between 1949 and 1954 due to the filing Correr in Venice and the allocation of ceramics, glass and gems of the Museum of San Donato Zara.La recent donation of pre- proto Ligabue bronzes and other objects found in the Veneto region have further enriched the Museum's holdings , which is now inserted into Marciano path , which includes the Correr Museum and the monumental rooms of the Marciana Library . Up to 17.00 (summer) and 19:00 (winter ), the input is from the Museo Correr - Napoleonic Wing

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