Luogo - Historical building

Palazzo Gritti-Badoer

Where Calle Terrazzera, 3609, Venezia

The main fifteenth facade consists of two asymmetric floors, because of the peculiar structure of the Campo distriict, and is characterized by a mullioned window with columns in pink marble, adorned with marble inserts and sculptural Byzantine reliefs of tenth century. On the second floor, a central mullioned window and mullioned windows with pointed spire. On the back, two balconies. The interior of the building is reached by a flight of stairs leading to the main floor of the time, which highlights the magnificent Great Hall, furnished with antique furniture, valuable carpets, paintings of the eighteenth century, rich glass lamps from Murano and eighteenth-century stucco work decorating the walls and ceiling. The elegant building, formerly owned by the ducal Gritti family, in 1729 it passed to Badoer family. The building has undergone recently, a major exterior and interior restoration.