Other - until to friday 28 february 2020 (Castrovillari)

Carnevale di Castrovillari

Via Carlo Musitano, 40, Castrovillari, (Cosenza)

Carnival of Castrovillari and International Folklore Festival, in the City of Pollino.The historic Carnival of Castrovillari is divided into parades of masked...

Other - From 23 apr 20 to 25 aug 20 (Crucoli)

Gran Premio Manente

Crucoli, (Crotone)

The Competition, every year, foresees the selection of 5 Musical Groups - which refer to the research, enhancement and popular/ethnic promotion of the Calabria Region...

Other - From 25 may 20 to 25 may 20 (Santa Severina)


Santa Severina, (Crotone)

Castelfiaba is a cultural event promoting the territory based on the concepts of integration, inclusion, hospitality, taking charge of the weaker sections. The...

Other - From 21 mar 20 to 24 mar 20 (Cirò)

Giornata Regionale Calendario

Cirò, (Crotone)

The Regional Calendar Day, established in memory of Luigi Lilio, a Cirotano mathematician to whom the Gregorian Calendar is owed, is celebrated every year on March...

Other - From 11 may 20 to 20 oct 20 (Cosenza)

Rassegna Castello Svevo


The event expects the realization of various activities, between the month of May and the month of October, with particular attention to three different areas: music,...

Other - From 11 mar 20 to 15 apr 20 (Cosenza)

Corti Cosenza


Corti Cosenza is an event characterized by encounters, cinema, creative writing and photography, which aims to dialogue with young people from the schools of Cosenza...

Other - From 14 mar 20 to 17 mar 20 (Courmayeur)

Mountain Gourmet Ski Experience

Courmayeur, (Aosta)

Other - From 24 apr 20 to 25 apr 20 (Rossano)

Notte dei Fuochi di San Marco

Rossano, (Cosenza)

Other - From 01 apr 20 to 30 apr 20 (Reggio Calabria)

I Sentieri della Memoria Calabrese

Reggio Calabria

The Paths of Memory ... Calabrese, is an event that aims to enhance and strengthen the current cultural offer in Calabria, therefore promoting and spreading the...

Other - From 22 jun 20 to 30 jun 20 (Bisignano)

Il Palio del Principe

Bisignano, (Cosenza)

A historical re-enactment initially presented by a procession in Renaissance costume and as a final act with the Giostra Cavalleresca, in which the eight districts of...

Other - From 25 apr 20 to 25 apr 20 (Isca sullo Ionio)

L'Albero di Canto

Isca sullo Ionio, (Catanzaro)

It is an event that aims to rediscover forgotten voices, visions and sounds, understood as physical and real research of one's roots and local historical-cultural...

Other - From 22 mar 20 to 23 mar 20 (Lamezia Terme)

Chitarre e Oltre

Lamezia Terme, (Catanzaro)

A competition that aims to retrace and share with the public the path that has managed to combine music and enhance the places of history and culture of the area. The...