Other - From 30 nov 20 to 01 dec 20 (Cosenza)

Premio Sila


The Sila Prize is a literary competition aimed at rebuilding a social fabric, a material and intellectual rebirth of Italy and Calabria that emerged from the WW IIr...

Other - From 26 dec 20 to 30 dec 20 (Sant'Andrea Apostolo dello Ionio)

Presepe Vivente

Sant'Andrea Apostolo dello Ionio, (Catanzaro)

The Living Nativity, will be set up between the streets and the most characteristic corners of the country, where there will be the stands of typical food and wine...

Other - From 25 oct 20 to 01 nov 20 (Marano Principato)

Premio Pandosia

Marano Principato, (Cosenza)

The Pandosia Prize is a competition for fans of contemporary art and was born some time ago by Cesare Baccelli, a Tuscan sculptor, who decided to launch a...