Other - until to tuesday 25 august 2020 (Crucoli)

Gran Premio Manente

Crucoli, (Crotone)

The Competition, every year, foresees the selection of 5 Musical Groups - which refer to the research, enhancement and popular/ethnic promotion of the Calabria Region...

Other - From 30 nov 20 to 01 dec 20 (Cosenza)

Premio Sila


The Sila Prize is a literary competition aimed at rebuilding a social fabric, a material and intellectual rebirth of Italy and Calabria that emerged from the WW IIr...

Other - until to tuesday 20 october 2020 (Cosenza)

Rassegna Castello Svevo


The event expects the realization of various activities, between the month of May and the month of October, with particular attention to three different areas: music,...

Other - From 12 aug 20 to 14 aug 20 (Squillace)

Taranta e Dintorni tra Arte Musica e Mestieri

Squillace, (Catanzaro)

Taranta and Surroundings between Art Music and Crafts is an event characterized by unbridled rhythms and a great desire for fun with the wave of the taranta that...

Other - From 13 oct 20 to 14 oct 20 (Pizzo)

Giornate Murattiane

Pizzo, (Vibo Valentia)

The Murat Days is the cultural event dedicated to the landing, arrest, conviction and shooting of King Joachim Murat. The historical re-enactment traces the events...

Other - From 13 sep 20 to 16 sep 20 (Reggio Calabria)

Mediterranean Wellness - Tra Storia e Leggenda

Reggio Calabria

Mediterranean Wellness was born with the aim of creating a wellness village where various local and non-local realities meet, linked to the sectors of wellness and...

Other - until to tuesday 11 august 2020 (Cetraro)

Torneo dei Rioni - Roberto Piazza

Cetraro, (Cosenza)

The Torneo dei Rioni - Roberto Piazza is a unique experience, where the whole city lives with passion, waiting for the tournament to take place, with team games that...

Other - From 19 aug 20 to 20 aug 20 (San Marco Argentano)

Millennium Normannorum

San Marco Argentano, (Cosenza)

The Millennium Normannorum is a historical re-enactment. A Palio of the historic districts and the folklore festival, where there will be knights, drummers and...

Other - From 26 aug 20 to 28 aug 20 (Rovito)

Sagra agli Arnedos

Borgo Motta, Rovito, (Cosenza)

At the Arnedos Festival you can taste the dishes of the past, the many specialties that belong to the tradition of the area, in a setting that recalls the centuries...

Other - From 17 aug 20 to 30 aug 20 (Guardia Piemontese)


Guardia Piemontese, (Cosenza)

The Musicampus, organized by the "Foyer des Artes" Musical Association, is a training and entertainment event, created thanks to the presence of talented musicians...

Other - From 20 aug 20 to 26 aug 20 (Crosia)

A Remurata

Crosia, (Cosenza)

In Remurata, an event of music, fashion, food of the Calabrian identity and culture and of the communities of the Trionto Valley. It is characterized by colors, music...

Other - From 30 aug 20 to 02 sep 20 (Castrovillari)

Civita...Nova - Vivere il Centro Storico

Castrovillari, (Cosenza)

It is an event made up of music, art, theater, folklore, vernacular, craftsmanship and food and wine excellences, but also street artists, poetry, pictorial...