Luogo - Historical building

Casa di Rigoletto

Where Piazza Sordello, 22, Mantova

Today the building is located in the terminal part of the square that connects the Ducal Palace to St. Peter's Church, originally called "Piazzetta della Legna". The prettiest part of the house is the loggia, remembered by fans of the homonymous Verdi opera as "Gilda's balcony". In the 70's restorations were made that, inside, revealed evidence of Medieval typical signs and of a fifteenth century restruction. The arcade contains two marble columns of invoice thirteenth century and is enriched by a small garden at the center of which was paid in 1978, a statue of Rigoletto, imaginary inhabitant of the house, by the sculptor Aldo Falchi.

Statua di Rigoletto, Aldo Falchi c
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