Festival - From 25 oct 20 to 30 oct 20 (Cosenza)

Cose Belle Festival

corso telesio, 17, Cosenza

Unique experiences among creativity, illustration and design in Cosenza, Cose Belle Festival returns to animate the exhibition spaces of the former MAM Museum in...

Festival - From 09 nov 20 to 12 nov 20 (Catanzaro)

Musica & Cinema Catanzaro


The "Music & Cinema" is confirmed as a national event. The Festival, produced by the Politeama Foundation, aims to enhance the extraordinary relationship between two...

Festival - From 16 nov 20 to 21 dec 20 (Paola)

Armonie e Arte a Palazzo

Paola, (Cosenza)

Armonie e Arte a Palazzo is a festival with classical, jazz, ethnic and pop music events associated with book presentations, exhibitions, tastings and guided tours,...

Festival - From 09 dec 20 to 10 dec 20 (Sant'Andrea Apostolo dello Ionio)

Festival una Voce per lo Jonio

Sant'Andrea Apostolo dello Ionio, (Catanzaro)

Una Voce per lo Jonio is a festival that aims to discover and promote authors, artists, voices and new faces in the context of Italian pop and popular music, becoming...

Festival - until to saturday 31 october 2020 (Corigliano Calabro)

Festival Corigliano Calabro Fotografia

Corigliano Calabro, (Cosenza)

Organized by the Corigliano Cultural Association for Photography, under the artistic direction of Gaetano Gianzi, in these years of the festival it has hosted over...

Festival - From 09 dec 20 to 16 dec 20 (Cosenza)

La Primavera del Cinema Italiano


The "Primavera del Cinema Italiano" Festival, conceived by Alessandro Russo and Giuseppe Citrigno, has gained a prominent place among the major Italian events in the...

Festival - From 29 oct 20 to 01 nov 20 (Celano)

Abruzzo Horror Festival - VI Edizione

Celano, (L'Aquila)

Festival - until to Wednesday 23 december 2020 (Reggio Calabria)

Rapsodie Agresti

Reggio Calabria

The project brings together two significant terms: Rapsodie (poetic forms typical of Greek culture) and Agresti (a clear reference to nature and agriculture) and thus...

Festival - until to sunday 25 october 2020 (Pescara)

Oktoberfest Pescara 2020 - V Edizione


Festival - until to thursday 10 december 2020 (L'Aquila)

Banff Mountain Film Festival WT Italy - L'Aquila