Festival - From 30 may 20 to 04 jun 20 (Castrovillari)

Primavera dei Teatri - Festival sui nuovi linguaggi della scena contemporanea

Contrada Calandrino, 14C, Castrovillari, (Cosenza)

Conceived and directed by Scena Verticale, Primavera dei Teatri, festival on the new languages ​​of the contemporary scene, testifies to the desire of a small and...

Festival - From 18 aug 20 to 23 aug 20 (Castrovillari)

Estate Internazionale del Folklore e del Parco del Pollino

Piazza Municipio, Castrovillari, (Cosenza)

The International Summer of Folkore and the Pollino Park involves the foreign communities of Cuba, Pakistan, Romania, Ukraine, Morocco, Senegal, Ivory Coast, present...

Festival - From 08 sep 20 to 30 sep 20 (Rende)

Settembre Rendese

Rende, (Cosenza)

September Rendese embraces several places of aggregation in the city, with particular attention to the historic center with music, theater, street art, art...

Festival - From 25 oct 20 to 30 oct 20 (Cosenza)

Cose Belle Festival

corso telesio, 17, Cosenza

Unique experiences among creativity, illustration and design in Cosenza, Cose Belle Festival returns to animate the exhibition spaces of the former MAM Museum in...

Festival - From 20 sep 20 to 06 oct 20 (Cosenza)

Festival del Fumetto e del Gioco "Le Strade del Paesaggio"


The Festival of Comics and Games Le Strade Del Paesaggio is an unmissable event for fans who come to Cosenza from every part of Italy every year to appreciate...

Festival - From 27 jun 20 to 15 sep 20 (Cosenza)

Festival delle Invasioni

Corso Bernardino Telesio, Cosenza

Invasions of art, music, entertainment and the desire to "create community".It begins in June and continues until September to experience a summer in Cosenza once...

Festival - From 17 aug 20 to 18 aug 20 (Bivongi)

Il Mercato Storico della Badia - Interscambio Festival

Bivongi, (Reggio Calabria)

The Badia Market is a historic occasion that the municipal administration wishes to celebrate with the citizens and tourists who will come to the village. It is one...

Festival - From 15 jul 20 to 15 sep 20 (Castrovillari)

Peperoncino Jazz Festival

Castrovillari, (Cosenza)

The Peperoncino Jazz Festival is the itinerant musical festival capable of bringing together over 30 Municipalities of Calabria, creating an important network among...

Festival - From 09 aug 20 to 11 aug 20 (Catanzaro)

Frac Festival


Frac Festival is the research event for contemporary arts, which ranges from the fields of music and visual arts.The aim of the festival is to research the...

Festival - From 22 jul 20 to 27 jul 20 (Conflenti)

Felici e Conflenti

Conflenti, (Catanzaro)

It is a project focused on the research and transmission of the popular culture of central Calabria. Born from young musicians, dancers and researchers who learned...

Festival - From 09 nov 20 to 12 nov 20 (Catanzaro)

Musica & Cinema Catanzaro


The "Music & Cinema" is confirmed as a national event. The Festival, produced by the Politeama Foundation, aims to enhance the extraordinary relationship between two...

Festival - From 06 apr 20 to 10 apr 20 (Cosenza)

B-Book Festival

Città dei Ragazzi, Cosenza

The B-Book Festival is the festival that tells the city, where children read, have spaces to play, think, grow and make the right questions flourish, without...