Luogo - Historical building

Palazzo Roccabruna

Where Via Santa Trinità, 24, Trento

The building dates back to the mid-sixteenth century and is part of an aggregate of various units built in the same period by Roccabruna family. Spread over three floors, has a back yard and its facade has a northern ashlar portal framed by two stone benches, with family's emblem. The portal supports a balcony with a stone balustrade surmounted by a coat of arms in plaster, and opens onto an atrium decorated with stucco and busts of Roman emperors. The first floor has a lounge with frescoes and decorations at the top of suns and moons at the bottom. The ceiling is wooden coffered and frescoed fireplace features Alberti's emblem. It leads to the balcony over the entrance portal and chapel dedicated to St. Jerome, structured as a bridge of Gaudenti street. The floor is tiled and the ceiling is decorated with stucco. The upper part of the walls are painted with fourteen scenes from St. Jerome's life.

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