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Via Michele Volini, 56, Castelmezzano, (Potenza) Tempo di lettura: meno di 1 minuto

Castelmezzano is part of the circuit of "The Most Beautiful Villages of Italy". The origins of the first settlement are dated between the sixth and fifth centuries BC, when the Greek colonists founded Maudoro. After the Lombard occupation, settled there the Normans (XI-XIII century AD), that built a Castle, of which you can still see the remains of the walls and stairs carved into the rock that allowed access to the higher and panoramic lookout point. It was named after the Castle (Castrum Medianum). The old town is full of religious buildings, chapels and historic homes located in the alleys. Castelmezzano is known as a station at which to perform the so-called "Flight of Angel": flight harness, suspended in the air between Castelmezzano and Pietrapertosa (or vice versa), at a speed of about 120 km/h. The flight allows you to see the enchanting panorama of the Dolomites Lucane.