Point of interest

Piazza IV Novembre

Piazza IV Novembre, Perugia

Located in the historic center of Perugia, the asymmetrical Square opens to the convergence of the five roads that structure the Medieval town: here was placed the...


Fontana Maggiore

Piazza IV Novembre, 1, Perugia

Fontana Maggiore is one of the main monuments of Perugia. Located in the central IV Novembre Square, it receives more than 800 years the water from Pacciano Mount....

Religious building

Cattedrale di San Lorenzo

Piazza IV Novembre, 14, Perugia

The Cathedral goes back to a project in 1300 by Bavignante, completed in 1490. The exterior decoration, a geometric pattern of diamond shapes in pink and white marble...


Museo del Capitolo della Cattedrale di San Lorenzo

Piazza IV Novembre, Perugia

Museum was reopened in 2000, after significant interventions of restoration had noticeably widened its exhibition space. Instituted in 1923 Museum collection consists...


Sala dell'Uudienza del Nobile Collegio della Mercanzia

Corso Vannucci, 15, Perugia

Nobile Collegio della Mercanzia and its premises are inside original nucleus of Palazzo dei Priori, in Perugia. It occupies two rooms on the ground floor, which open...

Point of interest

Palazzo dei Priori

Corso Vannucci, 16, Perugia

Priori PalacePalazzo dei Priori is the historical palace that stands at the corner of Piazza IV Novembre and Corso Vannucci, in Perugia.It was the seat of the...


Nobile Collegio del Cambio

Corso Vannucci, 25, Perugia

“Nobile Collegio del Cambio” The Money-Exchange Guild PremisesBuilt between 1452 and 1457 inside the new wing of Palazzo dei Priori of Perugia, it was the...

Historical building

Rocca Paolina

Piazza Italia, 14, Perugia

Built between 1540 and 1543 by Pope Paul III, it was, until 1860, the symbol of papal power on the ancient city. Partially destroyed in 1848 and rebuilt in 1860 by...

Point of interest

Corso Vannucci

Corso Pietro Vannucci, Perugia

Corso Vannucci is the main street of Perugia. The road, which takes its name from Pietro Vannucci, painter born in Città della Pieve, known by the nickname "Il...

Historical building

Palazzo Cesaroni

Piazza Italia, Perugia

Cesaroni Palace, in Neoclassical style, was built at the initiative of the wealthy businessman Ferdinand Cesaroni, who entrusted the project to the architect...

Religious building

Basilica di San Domenico

Via del Castellano, Perugia

The original St. Dominic's Churh dates back to 1304. The original building ruined in 1614. The interior was renovated in a particular form with a nave with no...


Teatro Turreno

Piazza Danti, 13, Perugia

Made between 1890 and 1891 and designed by architect Alessandro Arienti, on the place where in 1879 already had been built first wooden amphitheater, it saw the...