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Science Centre di Città della Scienza

Via Coroglio, 104, Napoli Tempo di lettura: meno di 1 minuto

The Science Centre of Città della Scienza is part of a tradition of second-generation scientific museums. Its main goal is giving to the general public, and to the youngsters firstly, opportunities to get in touch with science and technology. Its approach aims for interactivity and direct experimentation for overtaking the artificial separation among different fields of knowledge, favouring the understanding of scientific method and the participation to the choices of our society. Quality, scientific and cultural rigour, high educational values and an exciting and entertaining communication, make our Science Centre a place suitable for all audiences. Here science, arts, architecture and technology merge themselves in an exclusive proposal for arousing the curiosity of the most exigent visitor, with a special attention to the communication’s languages. The Science Centre is divide into the following sections: science gym, children’s workshop, the evolution adventure, and “gnam” (an exhibition on food science). The Planetary, one of the most technologically advanced in Italy, and a scheduling full of events and temporary exhibitions, enrich the scientific offer of Città della Scienza.