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Solchi (Pinnelli Iacopo)

Where Via Bisciglietto, Marano Principato (Cosenza)

The modules are separeted one another, in a way that creates interruptions that refer to the furrow that ploughshare, dragged by the plough, marks on the soil. The material component of the work, too, is composed essentially by products which are the outcome of the typical human activity of the territory, as the local fabric, made up by vegetal fibers (cotton, linen, hemp, etc.), supported by alabaster chalk. Every module delimited by the furrow includes and symbolizes the effort and the labour that every single farmer has poured on his land to make it fertile and source of sustenance for his familiy. At the same time, they represent the natural and dynamic clump’s flux, that can become violent if stimulated by the uncontrollable energy emanated by an earthquake.

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