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In terra aspetto (Movimentomilc)

Where Via Annunziata, 163, Marano Principato (Cosenza)

“In terra aspetto” (meaning ‘on Earth I’m waiting’) it’s a place where you can stop to think. You go beyond it, to break an imaginary border. You can wait to undestand how the surrounding landscape can be experienced through the mirror and how nature reacts to this human intrusion. The work created wants to be a point of reflection. A concept of innovation that begins from the will to make people of a community interact with the place they belong to, through the work of art. This piece conceptualizes the idea that everything is born from Earth, main and unlimited source of energies. The choice to “plant” this parallelepipedons in the soil hepls us give an idea of seed, of belonging and at the same time renewal.

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