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Progetto di video arte (Mortelliti Rocco)

Where Annunziata (CAG C. Baccelli), Marano Principato (Cosenza)

The artist will film every single being that has a specific relationship with selected areas. The idea is the one of a project designed to be projected on two monitors. In the first video we’ll find the framing of the subject’s hand’s detail with a mobile phone in his hand while he’s using the digital compass that points the South. The frames will, in this case, be recreated depending on the direction the compass will indicate. The second monitor will capture the subject frontally while he looks at the landscape, and then from the back. Finally a third frame will recreate the subjective of the subject. The project wants to underline Marano Principato and the citizens that live there, giving a new value to young people and old ones.

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