Historical building

Torre di Fella

Via Magellano, 9, Bonifati, (Cosenza)

Watchtower built along Tyrrhenian coast, guard post of Cittadella del Capo, to report any Saracen attacks. Declared "National Monument" in 1984, Tower is currently located within De Aloe Palace, in the entrance courtyard. The building was built in Norman times, probably in 1150, and at the time of its construction included a relevance destined to military troops. In the fourteenth century it was enlarged and transformed into a Castle in the sixteenth century by Fabrizio Brancia. Modified again in the seventeenth century by Princes Telesio of Bonifati and later by Carafa of Belvedere. In 1820 it was bought by Raphael De Aloe. Current owners are Goffredo family, who designed the structure for tourism.

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